Wednesday, February 24, 2016

APA Micro Layout (Part 9) Uncoupling magnets

Another small evening project was installing magnetic uncouplers in the fiddle yard box of my contest micro layout. I have a doule slip crossing to save on space that two ordinary turnouts otherwise would use.

A pair of Kadee Magne Matic uncouplers (#322) would do the trick. 

Unfortunately I only had code 83 uncouplers and my track is code 100. So I had to shim the magnets to rise their height to were it needed to be.

Positioning the magnets is critical, because they need to be centered between the rails, for the uncoupling levers to work properly.

I used a contact cement to glue both the shims and the magnets to the ties.

With the uncouplers in place, I don't have to reach inside the layout box to uncouple cars with a scewer. The tight arrangement of the details makes it easier to uncouple hands-free.

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