Thursday, February 11, 2016

APA Micro Layout (Part 7) Ballast and Asphalt work area

To create the open air work area I applied a layer of repair putti or spackle to the height of the rails with a spatula, taking care to spread it out evenly. Before the putti cured I pushed an old truck over the track to free the flangeways.

The photo below shows the overall size of the layout with the work area.

I painted the ties with Floquil Tie brown markers and the rails got a coat of rail brown and rust.

With a plastic spoon I applied the ballast between the ties.  Then I misted the whole area with wet water (a few drops of Isopropyl Alcohol added to distilled water). I also add Isopropyl Alcohol to my scenic cement mix with consists of 1 part Matte Medium and 7 parts distilled water. I apply the mix with a plastic pipette. The wet water lets the matte medium seep into the ballast and bonds it securely.

After the ballast was dry I continued with the surrounding scenery. My preferred material for this is earth/sand colored grout sifted over a coat of white glue and then misted with wet water. Before the grout dries I sprinkle ground foam, sand and other scenery materials over it.

After drying the scene looks like in the picture above.

Then I painted the work area with asphalt grey color from HEKI.

Almost done. Watch for the update.

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