Friday, January 22, 2016

APA Micro Layout (Part 3) Building the Car Shop

The main structure on the micro layout is the car shop. I assembled it from leftover parts from different Walthers kits.

I painted the brick walls Tuscan Red and the concrete parts with Floquil Concrete color. Then I applied various black washes to tone the color down and give it a weathered look.

Two tracks lead inside the building. I removed the rail ties from a short length of PECO code 100 track and glued the rails into the grooves of the concrete floor casting.

The Car Shop building has large industrial windows, through which the interior may be seen. I did not want to paint or apply a black paper behind the window glass to make it less transparent. I remembered that certain glues would craze the styrene or acrylic window glass and wanted to give it a try. Then I thought that Acetone would probably act the same way than glue. (I already attached styrene parts with Acetone when my glue was out). So I painted Acetone to the backside of the window glass. The effect was quite convincing.

From the outside the windows look dirty, so that there are no clear details to be seen, except for the light and probably the shadows of the items inside.

To make the roof removalbe I had to leave the wires long enough so they keep dangling down, but becfause of the crazed windows they won't be seen.

I weathered the concrete floor with burnt umber and burnt sienna pigments, diluted in some isopropyl alcohol. I also applied a black wash to simulate a well used floor with dirt, rust and oil stains.

Here's the finished Car Shop with the brick workshop. To the left of the Shop I also glued another wall section to act as the recessed part of the car shop. A couple of decals round off this step.

Next will be the right side of the box.

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