Tuesday, January 19, 2016

APA Micro Layout (Part 2) Building a Shadow Box behind an open door

A building, whether in the foreground or not, is always more interesting if the viewer can see the interior or at least part of it. What's probably easier with foreground buildings, might be more difficult with flat or half relief structures glued to the backdrop.

An open door suggests always that there is something to see behind it or inside the building. My backdrop flat is only 15 mm deep and I wanted to inliven the scene by leaving the loading doors partly open. Whereas the left one is almost closed, the right door could reveal a glimpse inside the factory or loading area. Only painting the opening black will not be realistic because the daylight would always light up the area close to the door.

I browsed my drawers and parts boxes for scrap pieces of styrene to build a shallow box behind the opening, when I came across an empty acrylic box that once protected Kadee wheelsets. The box and lid were thin enough to fit behind the building and thus set back far enough to place some boxes, drums and a Preiser figure on it.

I cut one lid in half and gave it a coat of flat black color from a rattle can.

After the paint had dried I glued the tiny shadow box behind the loading door opening.

A pair of drums and a wooden box frame a Preiser truck driver. By pure coincidence I had glued the door just right so that the left arm of the figure suggests pushing up the roll door.

The black background already looked right and gave the scene some life until a friend suggested not to leave it black but to glue a picture with various cargo instead.

He sent me the picture above. I resized and printed it out on normal paper. Then I applied it to the back of the shadowbox and placed the detaisl in front again. Now the scene has life.  

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.

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