Tuesday, May 31, 2016

APA Micro Layout - Detailing the Fiddle Yard (Part 2)

For the background I opted again for a mix of half relief structures and box art images from Walthers kit boxes.

I've cut the box art pictures out and placed them against the blue backdrop.

They blend in well with the "real" structures. To hide the seam between backdrop and scenery, I glued a concrete fence between the brick structure and the engine shop. 

The engine shop received a first coat of black wash.

I scribed the styrene sheet to represent expansion joints and painted the whole area with Floquil (Yes, I still have some left) Concrete color. To give the area a weathered look, I also applied a black wash. 


The background building was a leftover from another layout. I covered the middle and lower window openings with brick sheet as well as the entrance.

I applied a couple of decals and gave the structure several coats of black and concrete washes.

 The box art images give an amazing 3-D effect

The structures and basic scenery are installed. Now it's time for the final detailling of the scene.

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