Monday, December 15, 2014

Art Deco Billboards part 2

I'm a great fan of billboards because they really set the era or time frame. When I found a picture of an Art Deco billboard that looked like a TV I decided to model a similar one.


After figuring out the different steps in how to assemble such a billboard I again made a CAD drawing and got it laser-cut from my friend.

I designed the billboard in 3 layers on 1mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

With the tip of my hobby knife I pricked the holes of the "speaker" out.

Then I glued the "knobs" on the engraved spots.

Finally I glued and clamped the 3 layers together.

I painted the billboard with a brown color and glued a billboard ad from the 1940's era into the frame.
You'll find tons of advertisements on the internet. Most are jpeg's and with a little scaling on the computer they can be printed out on a normal printer.

After I had assembled the Art Deco Billboard I thought about what I could do with the leftovers. The panels that had been discarded from the frames give a neat rectangular billboard.

For the new frame I salvaged the small strips from the carrier sheet, which are a scale 6" wide

With my NWSL chopper I cut the strips at a 45° angle.

Then I glued the frame around the edge and voilĂ , a spare billboard from scrap pieces.

I painted the billboards dark green and applied period appropriate ads.

Now I need to build some legs or probably attach them to the side of a building.

This Art Deco Billboard will be available soon. Watch for details.

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